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What it's about

Akamido is a portal that has revolutionized the way events are organized and conducted in the boisterous city of Brasilia, which is the capital of Brazil. A city that is known for its colors, carnivals and innumerable tourist spots, this is a city that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The portal aims to help organize and channelize events online. This portal has been made with the highest standards of quality, adhering to methodologies that help to cater to different segments of the population so that they can successfully organize an event in this city.

The content that is available includes:

  • Image and text upload options to increase the information available regarding an event.
  • Payment options ranging from PayPal to credit cards for customers registering for the event.
  • Previous clients' experience, reviews and interviews with them.
  • Interactive blog page that is maintained by the admin informing people about Akamido and upcoming projects.

What the customer wanted ?

The main aim of the site was to help local first timers organize events successfully. Brasilia is a city where events, contests and fairs are held regularly and the success of these events is dictated by the smoothness of flow of the organizational process, which is what this portal aimed to help with.

Hence, this portal was created with the conviction that by streamlining the entire registration and online processing for events, organizers can instead concentrate on other aspects of the event. The portal also aims to make the entire process of organizing an event easy, innovative and successful for entrepreneurs and event managers.

The initial requirement of the client was to use a framework running on an SQL database. It was important to ensure that the site is robust enough to handle the massive amounts of traffic coming in, especially as registration for various events would mount.

what we built

After a lot of deliberation, it was decided that the best option was to go in for the open source Cake PHP framework which is known for its sturdiness and its developer friendliness. Furthermore, one can also add multiple modules to the original structure even after deployment. The Cake PHP framework was also supported by another open-source SQL database, MySQL. We concluded that an initial user volume of about ten thousand daily visitors would soon increase to include the people that would go online to register for various events. A small analysis into the city's pattern of events and after tracking the main holiday season boom, we got an idea of what a user might look for while trying to register.

Given below are the various modules that were developed:

  • Main landing page that gave a first timer an idea of what Akamido is about and what it deals with.
  • A page detailing how Akamido can help increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of the organizing websites. This detailed that the options included customizing the design of the website and adding texts and images to make the website more personalized and informative.
  • Multiple payment options to users and registries to pay via PayPal or credit cards.
  • Multiple pricing options for organizers to pick from when opting for Akamido's services.
  • A page detailing the various queries and their answers that people might have, as an organizer or as a user.
  • A detailed feedback and interview with people that have used Akamido's services in the past and how the experience was.

The client basically wanted a portal that would be an effective online event management system that would help an event organizer create a website, sell tickets and manage the entire online registration process.

How its doing now ?

Akamido has managed to make a name for itself in the field of online event management in the city of Brasilia. With a current monthly count of 3500-4000 unique visitors, it is going strong. The traffic of the website usually peaks curing festive seasons, when there are more events being held in the city. The site is doing well and has proven to be a great boon for first time event managers who are at sea on how to channelize the entire event organization in the bustling city of Brasilia.

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