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What it's about

Efsme is a portal that has changed the face of facilities management provision in a major portion of the globe. Operating across the MENASA region, that is, across Middle East, North Africa and South Asia regions, EFS offers facilities management and soft services and other value added services as well.

While labor problems are crippling other companies worldwide, EFS is going strong with a workforce of six thousand professionals globally. A total of fifteen companies operating in ten different countries across two continents, EFS has managed to carve a niche for itself in the very difficult facilities management service sector.

The content available on this portal includes:

  • Mission, vision and values that clearly state that the ultimate aim is to deliver better and sustainable facilities management services to every client.
  • Company profile detailing the who's who involved with the running of the company.
  • Services provided with insights into the specifics regarding the types of services and facilities offered.
  • Previous clients that have availed services of EFS and are happy and content with them.
  • Careers offered for people looking to join this bustling organization.

What the customer wanted ?

The main aim of the site was to create a portal with the help of which one can easily get contract services rather than scouting for unreliable labor oneself. By making use of the Internet, this site is able to cater to a huge and lucrative section that is replete with problems related to finding skilled and unskilled labor services.

The conviction is that the MENASA region is a fertile ground for laborers to earn well and to keep clients happy with the help of a well groomed and sustainable workforce. It is an innovative way to ensure that it is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The clients came with a requirement of a user friendly framework running on SQL database, such that it would be able to handle massive amount of traffic eventually, as per the huge requirement of such services in the MENASA region. Thus, the site needed to handle multiple search volumes while being easy to navigate through for prospective clients.

what we built

After a lot of contemplation taking into consideration the client's requirements, we went in for the open source Cake PHP framework. This is a framework that is known for its strong and sturdy yet developer-friendly nature. Another bonus of using this framework is that it allows the user to add module after module onto its original structure even after deployment.

Another advantage was that MySQL, another open-source SQL database, supported the Cake PHP framework. We concluded after heavy research that an initial user volume of about ten thousand daily visitors would eventually increase to include most of the internet savvy sectors on the lookout for facilities management services. Some research into the workings and demands of the MENASA region gave us an insight into what a general user might look for in such a site.

Among the modules developed were:

  • Main landing page that gave a first time visitor a general idea of what the company is about and the services provided.
  • Detailed statement of the company's mission, vision and what it stands for.
  • Separate pages detailing the multiple sectors that EFS caters to including public, residential, retail, health care, hotel maintenance, industrial, financial, education, media and commercial sector.
  • Details regarding multi-sectoral services offered including facility management, soft services, value added services, technical operation and maintenance and commissioning and transition management.
  • Careers offered for people interested in joining the ever growing force of EFS.
  • Mention of EFS in the news, including winning the top honors at the Facilities Management Awards 2012.
  • Previous clients that have availed services of EFS and are happy and satisfied with them.
  • Terms and conditions and privacy matters related to the company.
  • The training and development details and strategy employed after recruitment.

How its doing now ?

The winner of various awards and accolades for the services that it provides, EFS has proven to be a name to reckon with in the field of facilities management. There is an average visitor count of more than 2590 per month to this site, the traffic being usually slightly higher in the months of June-July, leading up to the beginning of renewal of contracts and an increase in the search for labor.

The recent award at the Facilities Management Awards 2012 has further given the site and company a further boost in credibility and visibility, with a relative increase in traffic in recent times.

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