Virtual Supermarket for Anywhere, Anytime Smart Shopping

Navsoft has developed a complete and ready to use Online Grocery Store & Last Mile Delivery App for both start-up food and grocery stores seeking to enter the field of online grocery shopping. It is a fully integrated web store, mobile store, delivery app and management console that ensures a complete end to end solution.

Grocery shoppers can now use this Online Grocery Store & Last Mile Delivery App on their smartphones or tab to get all their groceries delivered at their doorstep rather than standing in long queues and spending extra time at an overcrowded grocery store. It is also changing the way people buy grocery online as it can do most of the thinking, processing and management besides being user friendly and quick to use.

Seamless customer engagement, intelligent analytics and smart data ensures focused and target marketing - which in turn leads to increased sales. It is also helping store owners to increase both revenue and profits by building, engaging and growing customer base. In short our Online Grocery Store & Last Mile Delivery App now serves as comprehensive shopping companion and is a virtual supermarket that allows grocery shoppers to smartly shop anytime, anywhere at their availability and convenience.

Store (Front-End)

We offer smart & innovative store-front features which help shoppers to easily find their desire items and smooth checkout process. Our store features help you to increase conversion rates by giving your shoppers everything they need to make an informed and confident decision.

Mobile (iOS / Android)

Let your customers access the mobile store everywhere they go and ensure that you never miss out on any opportunity to sell. The mobile store app easily engages with your customers, from sending out powerful push notifications based on location, to keeping your customers up to date with your latest store updates.

Delivery App

Our Delivery App is considered to be the fastest and the easiest way to deliver your orders right to the customers’ doorsteps. It helps to streamline your delivery process by automatically assign a delivery man to an order, real-time tracking on transit and notifications.

Management Console

Fully secure and scalable management console using which you can manage your entire online business operations including the product stocks, inventory, orders, customers, e-marketing & promotions, taxations, store settings and many more.

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