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Definite advantage to clients through its rich experience in discrete and bringing reliability to the core competency by simple and efficient Web-based Health & Fitness solutions.

Business Goals

  • The Client offers Health and Fitness Solution across the globe and wanted to build a presence in the digital eco-system.
  • The client wanted to build ecommerce platform that comes preloaded with the full set of health supplement products with different grouping options as per the condition and age of the patients.
  • The client needed a system that enables the agents and management with an accurate and comprehensive view of customer data so that retention campaigns could be better targeted and more effective.
  • Low operating cost and performance optimization was needed by the client.
  • Feedback system was needed for the capturing the mindset of general users
  • Data backup along with recovery for information library available with the site about health, product and fitness was the most important concern.

Navsoft Solutions

  • Navsoft enables healthcare companies to re-organize their business and improve their operations, to become consumer-oriented companies.
  • Robust and scalable solution has been provided to the client for a better performance and with lower operating cost.
  • Product Management System (PMS) was customized as per the client requirement and product categorization as per the ailment.
  • Custom product bundle/grouping was created as per the age of the patient and different seasons.
  • Rate and discounting system was added and set as per the company management in the PMS.
  • Feedback system was set into place to capture the reviews and comment of the user visiting the site.
  • A Disaster Recovery and Data Backup System was deployed for securely storing different article and useful information of the users with an active mirroring backup process.

key benefits & results

  • Simple and intuitive interface enriched with health and fitness knowledge from the veterans has made the site most searched after the launch.
  • Increased customer satisfaction index based on customer feedback relating to the increase in traffic over 12.9K over a week on launch.
  • Pages per Visit has increased in the first week with the almost negligible Turnaround Time (TAT).
  • 99.99% service uptime led to the significant decrease in the Bounce Rates.
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