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What it's about

Business Intelligence Application was a high profile intranet software that was created for a firm. This was a software that was made with the purpose of streamlining huge amounts of data so that it could be viewed, edited, updated and searched through easily and quickly. This software was also used to create detailed sales reports with insights into sales trends and analytics, so that future sales could be planned accordingly. It acted as an efficient management tool.

What the customer wanted ?

Due to the fierce competition in the field of product management and information settlement, the client wanted a very specific intranet software that would make it easy and convenient for all employees to access it at all times and work on it, without any time lag or glitches. This intranet software was also to act as a means to get sales reports and detailed insights into the financial transactions and the profit/loss encountered by the company.

what we built

After much deliberation over the intricate specifics that were demanded by the client, we opted for the open source Cake PHP framework. Considering the huge amount of data that needed to be organized, this was the most preferred framework that we could use as this is a framework well known for its sturdiness and for the ease with which developer s could use it. Another major advantage that this framework offered is that considering the amount of data that was constantly being updated by the firm, Cake PHP framework allowed us to add module after module onto its original structure even after deployment. An added bonus was that MySQL, another open-source SQL database, supported the Cake PHP framework. Also, Adobe's FLEX action script was used to facilitate easy accounting and calculative tasks..

Among the modules developed were:

  • Streamlining of huge amounts of data so that it can be viewed easily and quickly. Search panel that allowed relevant members of the workforce to get search results after scans of hundreds of product information catalogs in a matter of seconds.
  • Coordinating and enhancing communication between employees so that all the required and allowed information is instantly and easily available to every employee at all times.
  • Easy facilities to update huge amount of information, which could be viewed by all the employees trying to access it as soon as it was updated.
  • Simulators for financial accounting and creating detailed reports on the profit and loss encountered by the company.
  • Reports with details in the form of charts and graphs on the financial front. A master report, that detailed sales and the overall profit/loss encountered by the firm, with emphasis on breaking up the report to see monthly sales, gross sales, customer related sales, etc. In short, different kinds of sales reports were easily available for viewing and scrutinizing.
  • Organization structure, which contained details of all the employees of the firm, along with the designation, department and contact number, so that any employee could contact another employee without hassle.
  • Division and sectioning of information according to the business unit and division involved, so that certain information was accessible only to a certain set of employees that would need such information and who had access to it.

How its doing now ?

This long and ambitious project lasted a good two years. After the completion, the client was happy and satisfied with the results of the software created that aided in easing the usage and calculation of the enormous amount of data that the company had. In most probability, it is currently still being used and proved to be a huge success in every sense of the word.

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