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Our multiple engagement models are here to meet your diverse needs. Pick out the one from below that suits the requirements for your project. Address your specific needs to us and our experts will be there at your service!

Project Based Engagement(FIXED PRICE)

Let us know your project specifications and we will provide you with a fixed price quote. Our model talks about the commitment to deliver the ‘Set Scope’ within the stipulated time and budget. Check out our standard steps we follow:

  • We deploy the most pertinent expertise to understand your requirements.
  • We quote a certain amount at the outset and then the whole project development is done within the pricing framework.
  • Navsoft’s project based – fixed price engagement model offers a minimum risk option to its clients.
  • Whatever your need be, Navsoft is ready to take the call. You can leverage our resources – domain and technical specialists and accordingly execute your project.
  • We ensure that the entire process remains transparent to you. In the later stage of the project delivery if there is any ‘change in scope’, a rate is charged on the prior agreed fixed hourly cost.

Projects requiring expertise to develop a specific application or product with a clearly defined scope should opt for this Project Based – Fixed Price Engagement.


We have noticed that often customers find it tough to outline their requirements, in regard to the emerging technology markets or need to build an application that has no clear defined scope. Sometimes they are looking for an R&D intensive application or experienced, qualified and dedicated personnel? In each of these cases our resource based / time and material engagement model will be the right pick.

  • This effort based model is useful where projects are complex and need constant change in scope, specification and designs.
  • We offer the best resources with the commensurate skill sets through our resource based engagement model.
  • A specific rate is associated with each of the resources depending on the skill, role, experience etc.
  • Based on the total man hours, the project budget is designed. It is flexible and can be adjusted to the varying needs for time & resources.
  • Clients enjoy flexibility in terms of:
    • Modifying the specifications depending on the varying market needs;
    • Developing the project requirements on a dynamic basis
    • Resource based flexibility – clients have the option to increase or decrease the team size in a short notice.
  • Clients can adopt this model at any phase of their project.

This engagement model is also very beneficial and economical for large scale projects which requires months of development time and effort. Such projects are difficult to scope and needs to go through constant iterations. Thus they should opt for this Resource Based / Time & Cost Engagement.

Hybrid Engagement

This engagement model is an amalgamation of the above models. When a client’s project require both outsourcing and consulting services in order to deliver a cost-effective result, this model has a great demand.

  • Under this model a single team is posted locally to attend the technical requirement with the business partner. Whereas the other team takes due care of the outsourcing and procurement requirements.
  • The model’s mix and match feature expand the in-house proficiency by getting new resources on board.
  • This model also helps in cutting the project outlays by engaging the extended lineup to work on client’s project together with the dedicated resource and in-house team specifically hired for the project needs.

Projects which have a initially defined scope but would subsequently require changes or regular maintenance should opt for the Hybrid Engagement.

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