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Our robust e-publishing application generates an Onix feed to implement and maintain the major world standard of book publishing metadata which is supported by all the marketplaces as well as collaborates the publisher, reader and end-user on a single comprehensive platform.

Business Goals

  • The client offers print book & e-book publishing online with the best royalties, widest sales distribution, and easiest, fastest publishing process.
  • The client wanted a platform where writers can create or upload their write up for printing or eBook creation.
  • Additional Customizable services such as Line Editing, Custom Cover Design and Formatting/ Correction Services.
  • Specific discounting system and Professional/publicity services for building a social presence in the market.
  • The client was needed to analyze historical customers’ data to increase marketing effectiveness.
  • The client's marketing team wanted more control over promotional campaigns, including the capacity to gauge campaign effectiveness.

Navsoft Solutions

  • A robust and scalable web solution was provided for the implementation of a Book Management System (BMS) integrated with the ecommerce platform for catering Multi-Channel selling.
  • Our online selling platform provides maximum visibility into a class of customer that is of particular interest to the company: the omni-channel customer.
  • This customer purchases merchandise both online and in-store and tends to shop and spend more than web-only or in-store customers.
  • Content manager has been integrated for adding and in-depth management of the content.
  • Membership management system was set in place for managing the royalty with the additional supporting service.
  • Discounting system was integrated with the solution by simply customizing the in-built Rate Management System (RMS).
  • Promotional services were added in the solution for catering the needs of the marketing activities of the client.

key benefits & results

  • Our e-Publishing solutions for a leading Australian publishing firm has maximized the Orders, Enhance Customer Loyalty.
  • By identifying the high value customers and creating individualized marketing campaigns, one of our client has anticipated 10 percent boost in marketing effectiveness.
  • Our intuitive publishing solution has helped the companies to attain highest sales efficiency for a month after the global launch
  • The client website traffic have increased drastically with full support by us.
  • Global site ranking has increase with 99.99% Service uptime and nearly with zero downtime.
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