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What it's about

iZDOT is an Australia based publishing and socializing website. Here people can create and sell their books and music, assign publishers, join book clubs and become digital learning providers.

Its salient features include:

  • Content discovery, protection and distribution
  • Connecting with readers and authors
  • Creating and joining book clubs
  • Self publishing novels, especially for those that have had no luck with traditional publishers
  • Referral marketing ecosystem
  • Multi-dimensional, diverse and scalable business model with outstanding growth potential
  • A common platform with web 2.0 marketing and sales consolidation
  • Licensing, re-branding and a one of its kind marketing solution for education
  • The users can sell their recipes and write cook books, create blogs and serialize their novels.

What the customer wanted ?

The website primarily focused at promoting a novel idea of web publishing and socializing by using a single platform. The objective was to make it easier for the readers, writers and publishers to connect with each other, stay updated about the market, share books, music and videos with the world and promote their works.

They wanted a platform where the readers could be engaged in an innovative way, by interacting with various other readers and publishers. They oversaw the growth of ebooks and took into consideration that social media and connectivity were to play a strong part when it came to eventual visibility on the Internet. They specially wanted a portal that would capitalize on the huge demand for education related books that were more informative and easy to study from.

The customer wanted a robust website to make it easy for the users to place their orders, create their own books, assign a publisher of their choice and at the same time upload photos, videos, create groups, send message and share updates with their connections.

what we built

To ensure finest performance of the website we opted for the open source Cake PHP 1.3 framework, known for easy installation and user management and combined it with MySQL (open source) database. In accordance with the customer's requirement we built a number of features in the website that would facilitate user activity and involvement.

The key elements are:

  • We built a direct integration between iZDOT and Facebook. As a result, if a user chooses to register with his Facebook profile, iZDOT will automatically fetch his basic information from the account.
  • We gave the website a social networking appearance where the user can share update, photo and video with others.
  • The user can send and receive personal messages.
  • In the 'wish list' section the user can add items of his choice for future purchase.
  • The user can download e-books, music and videos from the website collection.
  • The profile also stores the user's purchase information and order history.
  • The user can create online groups with likeminded people.
  • The writers can create their own website with iZDOT sub-domain featuring their works and other details.
  • The members can also link YouTube videos with the website. The publishers can connect to their customers directly and increase sales opportunities.

How its doing now ?

The website went live on 15th June 2012 and within a fortnight more than 15 users have created their profiles in iZDOT. Out of them 6.25% have purchased books, 7.5% have added books in the wish list and 7.35% have shared their pictures using social media and also upgraded their membership to writer. Nearly 200 users visit the website each day.When it comes to the visitor count, nearly 644 daily users visit the website, which brings the total visitor count per month to about 19964 visitors.

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