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In just a short span of time our innovative Real Estate & Rental solution generated Annual Sales of over $50 million USD through deals of over 300 real estate projects.

Business Goals

  • The client wanted a robust system for posting properties with in-depth management and details.
  • A location based search engine was required for quick and accurate listing of properties.
  • A communication system between seller, buyer and agent.
  • A fully customizable Vacation Rental module, with different actions as to rent vacation condo/home by day, week or month and relevant commercial module with cash deposit feature.
  • Service management system which will enlist many doorstep services like home maintenance and specialist maintenance for electrical & mechanical equipment.
  • The client gave a requirement of different type of financial calculator with array of MIS report and option to add new reports with the custom formats.
  • The client wanted a unique tool which will assess the risk with respect to the location.

Navsoft Solutions

  • A Property Management System (PMS) was developed from the scratch to be fast and scalable to manage an unlimited number of listings and corporations.
  • Search engine ranking was optimized with the complete detail property, owner, agent and association profiles for quick & efficient search.
  • An Enterprise Messaging System (EMS) with word processor and automatic mail merging was incorporated for meeting the communication requirement. A repository was added for keeping the full communication history for every homeowner, vendor and agent involved including letters, emails, and phone calls.
  • PMS was extended to cater the needs of short term leasing added with on-request service management system and Automated task request for preventive maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Commercial module was created with addition of payment module and cash deposit monitoring.
  • A set logic has been derived from different type relevant financial calculator used widely and integrating with the profitability analyzer to be used by the agents for better understanding of the customer.
  • Available report has been enriched with client specific requirement and simple interface to user for defining custom report at the application front.
  • Location specific risk analyzer was developed for the customer to provide in-sight about the selected location or property.

key benefits & results

  • Using our scalable & robust PMS Application, a leading real estate firm sold over 300 projects and generated more than $5 billion business.
  • Simple and user friendly interface has made a huge impact as more than 150 real estate professionals and offices have registered and actively our application services in both IOS and Android enabled devices.
  • No excess resource was required for the application management as due to the cloud based solution.
  • Higher sales efficiency through the profitability analyzer, which gave a good idea about customers that are really profitable.
  • The client website Traffic have increased drastically with full support by us.
  • 99.99% Service uptime and nearly with zero downtime.
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