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What do you get when you unite Data, AI and CRM?

Magic! But don’t take our word for it. Come say hello to our latest offering that has CRM, data, and AI all rolled into one, and how. See every little detail of your enterprise, understand your customers inside out, and get those game-changing insights to drive your decisions and get ahead of the competition. It's like having a crystal ball for your business!


Introducing NavAI: Demand Forecasting and Predictive Analysis

Know your Future of your Sales with Navsoft's Demand Forecasting and Predictive Analytical Tool.

  • Utilize past sales data, market trends, holidays, and competitor movements for accurate predictions.
  • Our specialized tool analyzes various factors influencing sales to forecast future order volumes.
  • Avoid costly mistakes and make informed data driven decisions regarding production, inventory, pricing, and marketing strategies.


Salesforce Implementation

Improve the performance and operational efficiency of an existing Salesforce implementation in your business environment. Understand the scope for greater efficacy, the action plan for optimization, and the expected outcomes, from a Certified Salesforce Consultants.

  • Consulting Services
    Successful phase wise implementation and data migration ensured with proper consultancy and detailed gap analysis.
  • Salesforce Support
    Increased customer engagement by implementing the right Salesforce processes
  • Salesforce Features
    Maximization of your Salesforce investments by ensuring you take full advantage of the Salesforce features applicable

Salesforce Integrations

Get the most out of Salesforce’s purpose-built applications and deploy them for your specific business context. Our NetSuite Integration projects are supervised by a team of NetSuite Certified Developers with an understanding of the real-world eCommerce context.

  • Salesforce API
    To use Salesforce API to integrate your existing applications and automate your processes for maximum efficiency
  • Multiple Business Units
    Integration of your multiple business units to streamline information into a single view dashboard.
  • Commerce Cloud
    Seamless integration of sales, marketing & commerce cloud to achieve incremental value & platform benefits.

Hear What our Clients Have to Say

Tim Rischbieter, President

"We put our trust in Navsoft and they have greatly exceeded our expectations, helping us create an amazing product. I am extremely demanding professionally and personally, and they have succeeded in meeting my needs in a world where this rarely happens. Well done Navsoft! "

Allan Levy, CEO

"We have been working with the Navsoft team for almost a year now. They are professional, good communicators and responsive. We are glad to be working with them and look forward to continuing on many projects in the future."

Ed Evaldi, Software Architect

"On my projects, l often rely on Navsoft to help fill my IT staffing needs. I only have good things to say about the quality of their work. I currently have 5 developers on my team. Each has contributed in a very positive way."

Case Study


How Navsoft Optimized The Client’s eCommerce Infrastructure with an Advanced PIM System

Our client had a vast product catalog with over 2 million simple and bundle products that were difficult to manage manually, causing roadblocks in their daily operational processes. Need Developers identified the critical need for a more advanced and scalable Product Information Management (PIM) system to address their challenges by leveraging a wide range of advanced features and tools.


Join The 800+ Businesses Whose Projects We Have Successfully Delivered

Let our team of expert software consultants and NetSuite developers help you seamlessly, quickly, and efficiently implement or customize your NetSuite environment.

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