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Our comprehensive cloud based VOIP solution not only helped this company to put together an extremely comprehensive communication system by delivering personalized voice calling on any device but also reduced his operational costs with an average savings of 15%.

Business Goals

  • A very promising Indian client needed a multi-utility, messaging, calling and video chatting application for mobiles and desktops.
  • A global LED lighting solution provider had asked for the VoIP software like Skype.
  • The client was needed a telecom solution using which customers can easily download the software by using the Wi-Fi connectivity on the street light poles.
  • The client wanted to deploy the VoIP app faster time-to-market initiatives and deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience.
  • The client wanted to blend multiple transport, access and network services coupled with dynamic customer information and real-time network events, to deliver new individual-based services and content.

Navsoft Solutions

  • We built our telecom applications on a robust cross-platform that allows user to chat with their friends endlessly and interact with corporates efficiently.
  • Our VoIP applications are easy to use and communicate through Jabber server.
  • Our expertise in current network technologies and IT transformation help our clients realize significant operational efficiencies and discover new sources of revenue.
  • Our telecom applications are designed to enhance the customer experience when dealing with the customers on the phone or over the internet.
  • We adopt new technologies to realize next generation communication opportunities involving data analytics.
  • Our proven collaboration model to maximize value-chain efficiency for digital and infrastructure services.

key benefits & results

  • Improved operational and cost efficiencies.
  • Build an agile and integrated network to improve performance and availability of critical business applications.
  • Improved processes and infrastructure.
  • Reduced costs of product development and support.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, thereby generating an increase in customer loyalty.
  • Improved quality of services.
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