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Welcome to Navsoft – a place where your passion for technology meets your true potentials. A place where talent is recognized, rewarded and nurtured to reach their next level of growth. We bring together the finest technology, tools and talent to create the most ambitious solutions for the world’s leading brands. Here, you will build projects that the world will be proud of.

Benefits / Why work here

Challenge yourself to change the world.

Headquartered in Kolkata, with offices in Mumbai, 
our workspaces inspire collaboration and flexibility. Each member of our team is a collective owner of our vision: to build a more meaningfully-connected world, with technology.

Learn from each other

We exchange our diverse skills to help each other build on our competitive strengths; and in turn - learn better, grow faster and deliver with greater efficiency.


Thrive on innovation

We are amongst the firsts to embrace emerging technologies. We invest in tools and infrastructure that facilitate you to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.


Equal opportunities

Everyone at Navsoft is entitled to equal participation and growth opportunities. Our work environment is open, fair and safe for everyone.


Grow with us

We recognise and reward all deserving individuals irrespective of their designation or experience. Your initiatives at Navsoft will always meet ample opportunities to learn and grow.


Build for the best brands

We work with top Fortune 500 companies and build products that support some of the most successful start-ups. The opportunities and the exposure you get is as enormous as your drive to succeed.

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