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When one of the oldest and largest multi-specialty enterprise approached us to streamline their business processes, we knew we had a mighty task ahead of us.

The client is a leading one-stop-solution provider for containers, packaging, labeling and logistics, relevant to speciality chemicals including raw materials, spill control products and filtration solutions. They have continued to evolve their products and services to cater to both industry and consumers, since 1895. In fact, they have gone an extra mile, from offering professionally designed lable services to managing end-to-end logistics on behalf of their customers.

They wanted to be agile in the way they function and deliver; and were ready for a Digital Transformation.

We signed up for a tour to their 250,000 square feet Corporate Headquarters cum warehouse near Chicago and designed a digital roadmap for the next successful century ahead of them.

Here’s how we did what we did:

Navsoft built a resilent data integration between the client’s Sales and ERP platforms to help them rapidly respond to orders.

We integrated their Netsuite ERP system with their Magento store to enable seamless data exchange between the Sales and Operation teams across product lines. This helped shift gears from manual spread-sheets to up-to-speed data distribution.

As a result, the client could optimise time and productivity in processing the orders, leading to faster delivery.

Greater integration led to better insights, resulting in zero breakdown in the operations chain.

Many of the client’s complementing business divisions are interdependent and hence a delay in a certain production line would cause a bottleneck in the following order pipeline. Seamless data integration ensured real-time access to sales orders, inventory and pricing - leading to effective production planning across divisions. As a result, the client could actionate proactive issue resolutions and achieve greater reliability across businesses.

Always-optimal operations for the client resulted in stress-free fulfilment for their customer's business.

Transforming from ‘Business serving Business’ to ‘People serving people’ model

The client’s success story is deeply rooted in the success and growth of their customers. We reinforced their core values and brand promise by keeping their customers at the heart of our solutions.

Seamless business integration enriched the end-to-end customer experience; from rapid order processing and fulfilment to prompt notifications

Our modern business framework powered up profitability for the client and ensured continued leadership for years to come.

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