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In a rapidly digitising economy, it’s imperative for businesses to mark a customer-centric digital presence, backed by a robust, digital infrastructure. This is why we partner with our clients in unlocking their full potential with new-age tools and technology that optimise agility, adaptability and profitability. We do so by transforming their business processes, improving employee collaborations and enabling an elevated customer experience.

Scaling Up.

Over the past 17+ years, we have partnered with
over 800 global clients.

From going paperless to becoming more profitable

Here’s how Navsoft helped CGI to scale up their annual premium income to above $70 million.

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Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Set Digital Vision & Story
  • Benchmark Digital Maturity
  • Define Transformation Priorities
  • Create Transformation Roadmap
  • Develop Digital Solutions
  • Design Transformation Governance
  • Craft Cultural Change Program
  • Establish Innovation Plan

Digital Transformation Solutions

  • ERP & CRM Solutions
  • IoT integration
  • Mobile-first applications
  • e-commerce Design & build
  • Web experience eco-systems
  • Marketing automation
  • Enterprise technology solutions

From Vision To

Execution For 800+ Clients

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