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Our innovative and unique school collaboration platform has not only paved the way for a paperless school automation system but in less than a year has also successfully on boarded 1000 schools with 1 lakh active users that network actively on this e-learning application.

Business Goals

  • The client required a simple and easy medium to understand school management, as it will be operated by parents, students and teachers.
  • The client wanted to implement the innovative concept of socially dynamic groups with well-defined objectives and events.
  • School can setup user roles and grant feature access permissions to the students, teachers and parents.
  • A notification system was required for different types of communication by the school management.
  • Instant progress monitoring of student with reports on performance, attendance and daily activity could be tracked by the parents & teachers.
  • A repository was needed for storing and showcasing the different learning documents to enrich the members and public with relevant information.

Navsoft Solutions

  • A Simple yet intuitive e-Learning & School Management application was developed with integration of application services for android and IOS platform.
  • Group management system was developed and implemented in the solution with added functionalities such as multiple type of groups, file share, task list and notification message update.
  • Content share and management was customized in the solution for creating, modifying & deleting of the created content with option of sharing files & document, with embedded user access management in the group setting.
  • Real Time monitoring with activity update was added to the user dashboard for quick and easy view.
  • Event management system was added for managing events, workshops and other different activity.
  • A sharing bucket was created to share articles, write ups and other information with the general public.

key benefits & results

  • More than 1000 schools are registered with over 1 lakh active users daily interacting with our e-learning & education solution.
  • Direct engagement between the parent and teacher had created a better understanding about the progress and needs of the student.
  • Adaptive learning: Learning through e-learning modules which are readily available in the share bucket designed to cater the needs of a student.
  • Stutter free experience in smartphones or web-enabled mobile devices with service uptime significantly increased and nearly with zero downtime.
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