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Energy consumption and costs reduced up to 40% and efficiency improved up to 10% with our cloud based intelligent control and monitoring system.


  • The client wanted to build a comprehensive industrial energy data analysis platform to facilitate the energy saving information of the buildings, integration of the energy surveillance system, unified operation of the facilities and energy data feed from external servers (in tab sheet) for the listed companies.
  • The company offers the complete solutions in building automation and energy efficiency by using their own management and monitoring tool that controls energy consumption in all buildings.
  • The basic idea is that energy should only be used when it is really needed! With the improved indoor climate, energy consumption is lowered by at least 10%, energy costs will be lower and the negative impact on the environment is reduced.
  • Client’s equipment were installed in the buildings and connected through the private VPN connection. Buildings' energy consumption and alarm as well as status and backup files could be accessed via secure HTML 5 browser based remote desktop (Spark View Gateway) and hence needed rectification.
  • Challenges of the client’s control and monitoring system to deal with many different systems that required more operational optimization to inhibit effective management and controls.
  • Buildings' energy consumption data and infrastructure were distributed on multiple datacenters and communication via private VPN connection resulted poor scalability of the application. This had to be rectified.

solution provided

  • The Buildings' energy consumption data were fed from the external servers and synced into the secure central application.
  • Automatic backup of important data from the local installation of the buildings' energy equipment was instituted.
  • All important information about the technical status, energy consumption, alarm, reports, functional groups and more were made available at one place for all construction.

key benefits & results

  • By analyzing the building’s energy consumption and replacing components in the ventilation system, the company was able to lower down the energy consumption 20-40%.
  • Optimizations – The Company was able to review & trim the equipment that one was already using so that one could get improved energy efficiency. Savings ratio: 10.5%.
  • Upgrades – The Company could monitor the building’s total energy consumption and replace individual components of the ventilation system, such as dividend of electric motors with new fans and exchanger control. Savings Ratio: 5-20%.
  • System Installations – The Company was able to see the overall picture regarding the areas where they could improve and replace complete systems, packages and heat pumps. Savings ratio: 10-40%.
  • Service uptime significantly increased and nearly zeros downtime.
  • Cost-effective installations that would reduce the energy costs of the organizations.
  • With help of the intelligent control and monitoring system, the client could rationalize the energy consumption, which subsequently could reduce the heating costs by 30-40 percent.
  • The company could offer everything from simple measures to form a complete energy saving project engineering, labor and delivery of system solution.
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