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Hoist Energy, a Norway-based fast-growing energy saving enterprise is dedicated to automation and energy efficient solutions for corporates globally. They have invested significantly in management and monitoring tools to control energy consumption in their client’s buildings.

With energy consumption on a perpetual upsurge and budgets on a constant crunch, the operational costs for the building owners were shooting through the roof.

To address the challenge and rectify this trend, managers needed insights into how their buildings work, identifying the peak time for office space and energy usage and what utilities are being used the most.

An arduous task for human capabilities needed an

intelligent technology support.

A holistic approach to data integration

We engineered a comprehensive industrial energy data analysis platform that facilitated seamless data integration, unified operations and enabled faster decision-making.


We synced the Buildings' energy consumption data from various external servers into one secure central application.


We instituted automatic backup of all, important data from the local installation of the buildings' energy equipment.


We integrated all crucial information such as the technical status, energy consumption, alarm, reports and functional groups etc in one place for a seamless access.

A step towards sustainability

The improved indoor climate resulted in lowered energy consumption and cost; and in turn reduced the corporate carbon footprint for companies associated with our client.

A leap towards scalability

Greater efficiency and significantly reduced operational allowed for greater scalability for Hoist Energy and their clients.

  • 32% reduction in
    energy consumption
  • 26% reduced
    energy costs
  • 10% improved
    energy efficiency
  • 37% reduced
    heating costs

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