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Inventory management is a large and complex challenge, and that warrants a highly customized solution particular for enterprises like Lotus’s that also need to manage a seamless offline buying experience at all times. Navsoft’s consulting-based approach ensured that we identified the right challenge to be solved. We then implemented a flagship logistics management system to help them be as loved a brand online as they are offline in Thailand.

01. A single storefront for all electronics goods

By creating a single virtual storefront for the entire electronics catalog, we ensured that every consumer has access to a seamless online experience.

02. Distributed inventory at the back-end

Larger-value items demand better care and handling. By splitting inventory across warehouses, and separating the large inventory from smaller items, warehousing efficiency was improved.

03. Order fulfillment from the nearest warehouse location

Using the consumer’s pin code as a reference, the system can now route orders to the nearest warehouse that has inventory, resulting in faster order fulfillment.

04. Flexible buying experience

While placing the order, the consumer can choose an installation slot of their choice for large appliances, thus ensuring a positive buying experience.

05. Store-wise SLA fulfillment

As a large retail chain, each store and warehouse location has a different delivery SLA to fulfill. Using an automated system, we were able to help map orders by warehouse and provide the customer with a guaranteed delivery date.

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