In an era where devices are designed to be smarter than people, technology still relies on human intelligence to drive actionable decisions. This is why we empower enterprises with meaningful insights, driven by the power of their own data. We do so by seamlessly integrating devices that interact with their business, monitor user behavior and exchange real-time information; using the power of the internet.

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Our unified IoT frameworks haved enabled businesses
to turn challenges

  • IoT Business Strategy

    We rev up your business processes by deploying cutting-edge technology and our cross-industry experience.

  • Define IoT Roadmap

    We map out a detailed development strategy and execution milestones to set the right pace.

  • Design A Scalable Architecture

    We work on flexible visualization frameworks to custom-design an architecture that can be scaled up to suit your business needs.

  • Landscape Assessment

    We evaluate legacy systems and build the most secure IoT framework for your business.

  • Simplify Business Model

    We set pace for growth with efficient business processes, built on flexible IoT framework.

  • Transformation Strategy

    We optimize your market opportunities by identifying optimal products, markets, and execution strategies.

  • Performance Management

    We put you in complete control of planning, reporting, analyzing and improving your business performance with our IoT solutions.

  • Supply Chain Optimization

    We bridge the gaps between your business strategy and supply chain to unlock measurable gains with efficiency.

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Energy, Fits the Bill
Reducing energy consumption by 40%
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  • Managing Big Data

    We efficiently manage enormous volumes of data using Hadoop framework and NoSQL databases.

  • Insight From Data

    We mine valuable insights from seemingly dormant data by deploying machine learning algorithms.

  • Business Intelligence

    We aid timely course correction basis business intelligence derived from data analytics.

  • Rich Presentation

    We create visually rich, purposeful and user friendly dashboard using AJAX, TML5, Google charts, Node JS etc.

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