Driving greater ROI through radical digital transformation

Delivering radical transformation to drive greater ROI

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Signature Systems Group, LLC is the world's largest manufacturer of modular flooring, industrial matting, fencing and roadway systems, serving events globally. Headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas, they also have manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities in New York, Maryland, Florida, California and the United Kingdom.

Despite their scale and success, SSG was constantly at challenge due to operational limitations of their outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.

Besides spending a great deal on maintenance, the client was facing major limitations in providing their employees a single source ERP truth due to the lack of integration.

SSG partnered with Navsoft to define a complete digital transformation roadmap in their journey to become a fully digital enterprise.

We started with a thorough on-site analysis at their headquarters in the U.S. to closely study their existing business processes. Next, we outlined transformation priorities including a workable governance model. And over the next 11 months, we helped them get exactly there.

Navsoft built a robust modern, fully connected and data-driven network for SSG to drive highest efficiency from assets, people and processes.

Here’s how we did what we did:

We enabled SSG to make better and faster business decisions based on real-time insights, in turn saving them millions worth of production time and value.

We integrated their ERP and CRM systems to enable seamless data exchange between Sales and Finance teams. Next, we evolved their processes from legacy manufacturing to an advanced, digitally driven practice, right from budgeting to tracking scrap by-products and everything in between.

This eliminated slow moving spreadsheets and shifted gears from reactive to proactive production planning and forecasting, in turn cutting down overheads and boosting profitability.

We optimised their business efficiency and helped accelerate sales by automating their processes.

We plugged-in smart modules such as taxation, third party creditibility, reference checks and freight to automate time-consuming processes, calculations, invoicing and trackers that caused them huge loss of time and business in the past.

Process automation radically minimised delays in closing orders as well as boosted overall productivity of the company

We helped SSG gain trust and loyalty of their customers by redefining the end-user experience.

We designed a customer-focused portal with complete access to order history, invoices and ticketing system in place in order to be more approachable, accessible and responsive.

Navsoft helped SSG operate up to speed and drive a better ROI in less than a year.

We delivered radical transformation through seamless integration, process automation and a smooth end-user experience, in turn nailing down their biggest profit killers: maintenance.

From designing the Transformation roadmap to rapidly implementing it, Navsoft ensured a smooth system migration for SSG with not a single day of production loss.

  • Optimised existing resources
  • Faster and reliable processes
  • Increased employee Productivity
  • Enhanced business efficiency
  • Significantly reduced Maintenace cost
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