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Navsoft PIM: Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies for Effortless Product Data Management and Scalability. Break Free from Manual Constraints, Skyrocket Revenue, and Enhance Business Operations!

Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM is the catalyst for transforming product data into a compelling narrative. Centralizing and harmonizing information, it evolves beyond data, becoming a strategic asset for businesses in the dynamic landscape of retail and manufacturing.

Elevating Retail Presence

Elevate your retail strategy with Navsoft PIM's dynamic pricing, delivering a 20% boost in profit margins by responding in real time to market dynamics. Achieve agile inventory management, reducing stockouts by 30%, ensuring a seamless operation that adapts to demand fluctuations. Embrace a holistic retail approach through Navsoft PIM's omnichannel integration, resulting in a 25% increase in customer retention with a unified brand experience across diverse channels.

Powering the D2C Revolution in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, PIM acts as the engine propelling the shift to Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) models. Enhanced collaboration reduces production time by 40%, accelerating time-to-market. D2C precision shines with a 30% increase in successful transitions, ensuring a seamless shift.

The Navsoft PIM Difference

The Navsoft PIM Difference

What Impact does PIM have on Retail?

Smooth Operations

PIM cuts manual work, ensuring a seamless process.

Boosted Efficiency

Retailers fulfill orders swiftly with PIM's efficiency.

Happy Customers

Real-time tracking and precise inventory enhance the customer experience.

Unified Branding

PIM creates a consistent brand experience across all channels.

In essence, the Order Management System becomes the master of retail operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from order creation to delivery, all while enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Choose Navsoft for a state of art Order Management System that elevates your retail game to new heights.

Case Study


How Navsoft Optimized The Client’s eCommerce Infrastructure with an Advanced PIM System

Our client had a vast product catalog with over 2 million simple and bundle products that were difficult to manage manually, causing roadblocks in their daily operational processes. Need Developers identified the critical need for a more advanced and scalable Product Information Management (PIM) system to address their challenges by leveraging a wide range of advanced features and tools.

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