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Diagnostic Radiology Services is a Barbados based medical solution offering an extensive variety of lab services to citizens. Their entire workflow was manually controlled that always left room for multiple errors. Besides being cumbersome and slow, the process could not monitor the productivity of staff.

They needed a robust end-to-end lab management system to simplify and streamline their daily operations.

The client wanted maximum efficiency in staffing, billing, appointment scheduling and all other vital aspects of their day-to-day workflow.

Navsoft’s high impact approach helped in architecting a multi-tier solution that is highly secure and ensures a smooth user experience.

Diagnostic Radiology Services partnered with Navsoft to develop a specialized lab management system that helped to increase productivity, minimize time consumption in each task and eliminates the possibility of errors.

The comprehensive lab solution gave their productivity a whopping 110% increase. It could address all possible challenges by measuring scalability and performance.

Here’s how we did what we did to succeed

We brought about operational improvement and increased patient satisfaction with our all-encompassing diagnostic and clinic management solution. We helped the client to optimize staff scheduling, workflow and patient flow management.

Scaling up with advanced technology

The multi-tier architecture was built using Django MVC framework for better scalability and code reusability. Python was used for the back end and Angular JS for the front end that ensured smooth and better functionality.

Organizational transformation with smart

  • One Centralized dashboard for managing patients, monitoring upcoming appointments, invoices and summarized view of all approved reports.
  • Appointment scheduler was added for registering patients and generate invoice against all clinical examination.
  • Role-based access to maintain the confidentiality of a patient’s medical records and other relevant documents.
  • Multi-level verification was incorporated for all test reports to maintain accuracy with customizable report templates.
  • Facility to set different stages of report viewing and subsequent approval by various user groups was provided.
  • Smart revenue tracking system and automatic reminders helped to track all pending bills accurately.
  • Intelligent Analytics and reporting system for sales receipts, revenues and etc.

Our innovative optimal solution helped to maximize productivity

This centralized clinic management console and improved features resulted in a significant positive outcome. The integrated model reduced all possibilities of error and seamlessly managed the challenging environment of the clinical lab. We facilitated a successful transformation that helped in the effective use of time and resources.

  • 67% Increase in Registration Rate
  • 53% Increase in Appointment Rate
  • 110% Increase in Productivity Rate
  • 48% Decrease in

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