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Connect With Us is the smart online directory, dedicated to connecting the citizens of Puebla valley, Mexico with local services, events and entertainment options in and around the state. The portal depended on admin moderation and hence only had about a couple of hundred businesses listed in the directory.

While the citizens regularly flocked the portal as the only source for information, there was an enormous opportunity to connect more and more businesses. The client approached Navsoft to make the entire experience interactive, intuitive and user friendly for the citizens as well as business owners.

Navsoft upgraded the existing online directory to a self-sufficient, interactive and socially connected portal that amplified both, activity as well as business.

Todopuebla partnered with Navsoft to develop a unified digital platform that not only empowers businesses and event planners to list their activities and promotions real time, but also enables the citizens to interact with local businesses, avail exclusive offers and share the experience with a wider community of citizens.

As a result, the number of visitors on quadrupled. The business listings as well as user registrations shot up by over 85% and the portal became a part of the daily lives of the citizens of Puebla.

An Insight that clicked:

A well-connected city is inspired to celebrate ‘everyday’

Here’s how we made it happen:

Together, we focused our efforts on expanding the service categories as well as updating the portal with interactive features and functionality:

  • We built in individual user registration for a quicker access with social connectivity to networking sites
  • We integratevd Google Analytics to track user engagement and response for businesses to learn what’s working and what’s not.

New widget – a double win for Todopuebla

  • A widget was embedded on the site to list ongoing movies and top events exclusively, and became a unique selling point.
  • The widget appeared on the websites of all top newspapers in the valley of Puebla.
  • The widget boosted the search results, skyrocketed the traffic and surged the overall online ranking and performance

Putting users first

  • User Registration feature empowered users to create their own account, post reviews, or create listings on the site.

  • Users could also log in through Facebook account and share their plans and activities

  • Users could upload photos from their own personal accounts effortlessly.

  • New ‘Entertainment’ category was introduced to list cinemas, local events, photos of top events for intuitive searching

  • A map was integrated on the site to visually prompt / look up preferred activities and services from nearby local businesses

  • Newsletters were being sent out regularly to keep the citizen updated about all local events or any new business listings. .

Growth engine for local businesses

Todopuebla became a popular choice for any business looking to connect with the citizens for various reasons:

  • Top businesses could now list themselves on top, under paid big, mid-size or small banner categories.
  • Small businesses could list themselves for free by simply registering themselves
  • Listed businesses, events and promotions started selling more with the number visitors multiplying

An online directory turned into the city square with amplified visibility, engagement and business

Navsoft redefined look and feel of by focusing on the most important thing: the convenience of the citizens of Puebla. As a result, the website earned the loyalty of the locals as well as businesses with the registrations multiplying overnight.

  • 32% increase in business registration
  • 26% increase in user count
  • 10% increase in website traffic
  • 37% boost in mobile page views

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